This small browser "game" allows you to quickly create a small isometric pixel room. 

* The game is already running in your browser. Press "start" to begin creating!  
* To move an object, drag it onto the room from the side bar. 
* To delete an object, drag it onto the 'x' in the top left. 
* To rotate an object, drag the object over the corner of the rotate button (first button bottom right) and click. Still needs some work. 
* To make the room bigger, press on the up arrow in the bottom right. 
* To download, press on the down arrow in the upper left. 

Thank you for using!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(182 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tagsdesign, Pixel Art, room-generator, Short, Singleplayer, tool


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3 story apartment (owners still moving in) i was gonna add more but i accidentally refreshed the page ;-; , Still pretty good tbh.

Cabin in the woods

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This game is really fun and helps to improve our creativity. Luckily, I found this game this really helps me to improve my creativity also here's my room :)

for a second i thought this was a room type i didnt find yet, great job tho!

when more items, walls just everything more? 10/10

my room :)


Keeping it simple. i love this :)

small crowded room

Its a mini 1 person appartment :)

I'm gonna do a game description on my build, so fair warning its probably gonna be long

a mini cottage rented by Amae. she passionly works as a caretaker. she uses that money to buy books or plants and sometimes food. her passion is gardening thats why she does not buy food often.

the cottage Amae rented is in the mountain, which is rumored that every person who climbs on the tip of the mountain dies.


A Small Cafe !


I made this room along with a top floor to it that I'll reply with :D I'm really happy with it!!


Woah I feel like I wanna explore it!

I'M GLAD!! It was so fun to make

no cause I build this and was so proud of it, until I came to the comments and was flabbergasted with all the things people made :,)

My first custom build!


Room for 2 <3

this is sooooo good!!

i am in shock state of awesomeness


Made a little apartment.



okay so i made a house where 3 people live in theres a little garden at the side( ̄︶ ̄) 


not my best are but yk lol srry i havent posted in a month i have been bussy and working on stuff / question of the month /do you like the warrior cats books if so whats your fav charector/mine is bright heart



I tried my best it's my first time


I spent way too much time on this.

I love the little bathroom!!!


i will post weekly if that is posibal i hope yall like my room of the week

it is 1:16 rn so this one was kind of lazy :3


I seem happy ig


It would be nice if we had more items, more room space and If we can chance the colours of the room and items:D


l think this is so simple


очень милая игра и залепательная!!

мне очень нравится этот!


Store Design <3

Tried to think outside the Box :D

that's so cool


this is pretty cool and i love the idea of the two windows making a shelf 😁

Omg I wanna live there🤩

(1 edit) (+2)

i think i did great job on this, i tried alrighti think i did a great job on this


i think this was outside of the box if you know what i mean

thats thinking out of the box man

lmao yes

thinking outside the box, nice


i finally got back on here and i think i did a nice job on this i eaven used the books as sushi i hope you guys like this 




Comfy/Art Loft Room Design <3



cute and simple, i love it! <3

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