This small browser "game" allows you to quickly create a small isometric pixel room. 

* The game is already running in your browser. Press "start" to begin creating!  
* To move an object, drag it onto the room from the side bar. 
* To delete an object, drag it onto the 'x' in the top left. 
* To rotate an object, drag the object over the corner of the rotate button (first button bottom right) and click. Still needs some work. 
* To make the room bigger, press on the up arrow in the bottom right. 
* To download, press on the down arrow in the upper left. 

Thank you for using!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct
Tagsdesign, Pixel Art, room-generator, Short, Singleplayer, tool


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Pixel Generator 79 MB
Pixel Generator 66 MB
Pixel Generator 53 MB


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recreated my room :)  

(ik its a mess




That ain't no room. Thats an asylum!!!!! :<<


a recreation of my room irl/j


Bruh...are you okay?? 


My Little Home

I think I created a cute little home that I really love. I would love to know some feed back.


This is so cute!! anyways mine turned out like this:

I like it, very nice

not mad at it shrugs 


It's quite nice. I just wish there was more options for not only furniture, but also the size of the room. It was a pleaseant albeit short experience.

pretty dope but still very dry. i like it doe
(2 edits)

the whole game doesn't work on mobile... please fix! (still pretty fun on pc though)

this issooo cool :D



i love this game sm  o30


my cute little vibe room <3

i love this game

my small chilling room ^^

Super cute!! I had fun making my little room


I can use it :T

(And you spelled language wrong :T)

(Oh and what's your first language ?)

im Mexican btw, it must be my pc then. which is a shame i relly liked this game

Aww i'm sorry about that, question do you eat tacos ?


yeah, not my favriote tho (my fav food is spageti sorry for the wait)

I LOVE SPAGETTIS !!!!! They are my favorite food with the peperonni pizza :D

is it going though an update??because it wont let me use it :[[[ its one of my favs too

(sorry if i spelt anything wrong, english is my 2nd languege lol)




My Small Room

My little area that I like :)

p i c u t r e

So cute^^

u can’t copy objects :(

I like mine:

This game looks lovely ^^ One funny thing though, when exporting, the file name says "Picutre"



i love mine :)

stop be rude pople not this home stop

my room ! this is such an adorable game omg

Everybody is so creative but I have a basic room... I'll try to think outside of the box but as of now all my creative juices are running out. Lovely game bwt~!

A very lil simple room i made,the other one i made is big.This looks comfortable to live in.


i have no idea

I have no idea how you people make a whole new floor on this- I don't have enough space on my screen but here's this-Very simple but id live here since its nice-

(2 edits) (+1)

Here's my example,look at the carpets,and place the carpets in the top of the room,that's pretty much it-(Also if you dont have enough space you can fullscreen but if this trick does not work,you can keep your room.It's simple.)Since you helped me i help you-


Ah well thank you this does help a lot I will try this out sometime <3

(1 edit) (+1)

K,Hope it helps!:D


Also here's my new example.(Ik it looks messed up-)

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

I LOVE MINE!!!!!! 

you downloaded a mod or smth?

no he didn't he just used the rugs creatively to make some new floors

i can’t do that

(2 edits) (+1)

I decided to make mine a room in the bottom,and a shop in the top.



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