💜 Drag items from the grey inventory section onto the blank space to the left to place them.

💜 To remove items, simply drag them back into the inventory section or into the trash icon.

💜 To completely erase the canvas, double-click the trash icon.

💜 Swap between inventory menus with the "1" and "11" tabs at the top of the inventory section.💜 To horizontally flip an object, double click on it. I recommend doing this when it's not overlapping another object.  

💜 Toggling the grid button makes it so that objects will snap to the background grid. I recommend having it checked when placing floors, walls, and borders and then clicking it off when placing furniture. 

💜 To download a screenshot of your build, press the save icon. This is a little iffy sometimes, sorry.  I recommend being in fullscreen when saving. 

💜 You are allowed to use this to make rooms for your games or art as long as you give credit.

💜 You are not allowed to use this for any cryptocurrency projects. 

💜 You are not allowed to simply sell the assets in the game, the rooms you make with this game, or the game itself without changing anything. 

💜 Basically, you can use the rooms you make with this game in transformative works that are not NFTs as long as you give credit. 

I made this game in 2 days so it has some bugs but I think it mostly works. I'm saying it works "good enough." Let me know if there are other features you'd like to see though.  Also, I'd love to see what rooms you make in the comments. Ya'll are always super creative. 

...And hey, just in time for pride month, huzzah! :D

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, comfy, Cute, Game Design, Gay, Pixel Art, room-builder, Short, Singleplayer, tool
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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i love how there's so many ways you can style the room


So relaxing, I loved it!

scene of a house made with the game, there’s a bedroom, a tiny bathroom, a living room and a kitchen, and there are some characters playing in the living room with ghost ball



So relaxing. Any updates soon?

Some suggestions:

Outdoorsy stuff like grass and plants for a patio or balcony.

More bathroom stuff.

More bed and color options.

The ability to rotate objects sideways.

More decor & wall art.




how to downloadie

pls tell meee


Why is there a skull?



The lil sparkles :D


5 estelass!! Porém tem um problema, não tem salvamento, isso pode ser meio estressante as vezes, por favor, você poderia colocar a opção de salvamento?? Muito obrigado<33



i was bored 


This game is so lovely and relaxing 10/10


I am so glad that there was another one of yours! I could spend hours on this, so I had to limit myself. This game is so fun! I can't wait to see what you do next! 


i tried again i really like it


i like 2 think she just moved in <3



Love the game<3


i love it :)


good for my first time!


i love how every one made their own bathroom,  thank you so much for this game !!! <333


trans ghost boy moved into an apartment (ghosts dont use the bathroom)



First room.

Nothing special🤷First room!


Tried to make a piano



my brain hurt after I made this

Im sorry but how to i download??

download what? if you meant download the game then, you can't

 I did a bedroom and gaming setup. I didn't sure if it looked good or not tho.

Also, I put some boxes because they still not finish unpacking.


this looks like you had no artblocks and had coffee earlier, three cups of coffee (as a compliment :3)


ok so i did a new room 1 bed 1 bath small apart and this took me like an hour during science

Deleted 1 year ago

Cool. I also like you you hacked in some stairs. Good job.

I made this little house and the backstory is that this girl's older ghost-obsessed brother is moving out and that's why there are boxes.


Cute game!

a chaotic  one bed apartment <3 #stanthemess

I made a room that kinda looks like a build your own room video game

I'd imagine the game having two ghosts, one with a bun in their "hair" and one without a bun. both of them are above the shop, they give tips on how to progress in the game and help out!

the boxes with ribbons are mystery boxes, once you get one from the shop, you can go out and kinda the key to unlock it

no bow = common

blue bow = rare

pink bow = epic

the ones without bows don't have locks lol

the ghosts can also give you free daily gifts when logging into that game

anyways thank you for listening (or rather reading) my silly post ☺️

i want a game like this now<333

oh my god. me in 2022. what.

Virtual ToyGhost Set!~
~1 Laptop
~1 Knife
~1 Cook Book
~3 Ingridients
~1 Phone
~Flour Bag
Living Room Set
Kitchen Set
Bathroom Set

(items vary in each packaging)

aww cute <33


Made this little house, owned buy the person in the pink dress with a bow on it (just a lamp with a bow lol got creative) she shares a room with her best friend who is a trans female, they also have a room mate who is a gender fluid ghost (made this in a few minutes when i got bored-) might make some more builds soon!

genderfluid ghost <333 💗🤍💜🖤💙


a dorm room

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