About The Game

The idea for Godsent has been on my mind for a while. The game itself is short but I hope the main idea gets across and I hope to be able to continue this concept in the future. In the world the game takes place, there are messengers who serve the Greek gods and goddesses who have created them. The game explores themes like free will and what things are worth risking everything for. 

NOTE: This game is not complete/bug-free/runs perfectly. I created this alone and on a time limit. Thank you for understanding! 

NOTE TWO: There is some nudity but not in a sexual way. Greek gods and goddesses were often depicted as nude so proceed with caution if you're offended by that sort of thing. 


* Use the arrow keys to move 

* Press X on your keyboard to interact with objects when the 'x' box comes up

* To talk to characters stand in front of them

The Characters

The characters are based off of Greek gods/goddesses and their messengers are animals that each of these deities liked. Each character has a zodiac and planetary sign as well that is associated with their deity. Some of the sprite designs for the gods/goddesses and messengers: 


What to Expect 

  • A short story with some heavy symbolism 
  • References to Greek mythology 
  • Some bugs/probably some spelling mistakes for which the creator apologies 
  • Eventual sequels/spin-offs 


(In case you get stuck anywhere)

  1. Leave your dorm and go into the Aphrodite Dorms
  2. Talk to Alfio 
  3. Leave that room and go to Aphrodite's Room and get mission from her
  4. Leave that room, enter Common Hall, enter Ares' Hall, Enter Ares' dorm
  5. Talk to two characters in there
  6. Enter Ariel's room 
  7. Talk to Ariel and drag photos with your mouse onto her character when she asks for the photos
  8. Go back to Aphrodite and talk to her, getting a new task 
  9. Enter Zeus' Hall after talking to Zero (the wolf in the Common Hall)
  10. Talk to the gods and then talk to Artemis 
  11. Head into the room to the right (the Treasury)
  12. After picking up the belt at the far right of the room, leave the room and end up in the garden
  13. After talking to Artemis, walk to the right and end up in Ariel's Room
  14. Confront Ariel 
  15. After credits show, press 'x' to get back to start screen

Thanks for lookin'! 

Install instructions


  • Unzip downloaded file
  • Two finger click on app file and allow access 
  • Play!


Godsent_Mac.zip 86 MB


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i will show this to the people that have reminded me of you

had so much fun playing this, hope to see more!